Escrow And Closing Videos

Escrow and Closing are the names given the process of completing the Sale of Real Property.

In parts of the U.S. this process of Escrow and Closing is referred to as; closing, settlement, transfer of title and even passing papers.

Understanding how this process works and what is involved removes the fear most Buyer's have of the unknown process of completing a Sale of Real Property.

An important part of this process in many parts of the U.S. is the Title Search Process and Title Insurance. Knowing what is involved here and why it is important helps complete the understanding of the Closing Process.

Recording the Deed and Delivery of the Deed that is recorded to the Buyer is the final act in the Purchasing Process.

John Brownlee, JD

Disclaimer: These videos are taken from the Country Homestead Buyer's Course.

As such they may reference other portions of the Country Homestead Buyer's Course and Downloads not available separately.