Country Homesteading Resources...

From my education and years of experience as an attorney, I've created many different resources to help educate you in how you can search for and obtain your Country or Homestead Property.

Living the homestead life myself, my passion is to share this knowledge with you in the hopes that it will be of great and valuable help for you as you endeavor to find your dream Country or Homestead Property.

On this page you will find links to a variety of videos I created to teach you how to search, find and purchase your Country or Homestead Property without it becoming a huge headache and costing you unnecessary funds with lots of mistakes being made.

I've made individual videos available from the course for those who might only need the information on a few topics. But in my Country Homestead Buyer's Course you have the opportunity of getting access to all the videos in the course Plus a lot of documents that go along with the information given in the videos that are not included when purchasing videos alone.

John Brownlee, JD