What Is An Easement To Property?

Access to property

An Easement to Property is the right to use land belonging to someone else. You do not own the land over which you have an Easement. How you may use the land is controlled by the Type of Easement you have.

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The Pro's And Con's Of Owner Financing Explained

Owner Financing Explained

If you do not understand the differences in a Land Sale Contract, also known as Contract For Deed and the more conventional methods of Owner Financing you could lose the property with no recourse other than suing for some of the payments made.

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40 Important Homestead Questions With Answers You Need To Know

Homestead Questions and Answers

For years I was a presenter at Sustainable Preparedness Seminars where I gave seminars on finding and purchasing country and homestead property. At the end of these talks I would give time for the attendees to ask different questions they might have about buying country and homestead property. I've compiled a list of the 40…

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Why Tennessee Is The Best Eastern State For A Homestead

Farm in Middle Tennessee

Tennessee's tax structure and laws make it homestead friendly. Rural population density and cost of living is low. There are four seasons and plenty of time to grow a garden. Tennessee’s system of rivers and dams producing hydroelectric power gives some of the lowest electrical rates in the U.S.

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Why Idaho Is The Best Western State In Which To Homestead

Trees and horses of Idaho

The reasons include: More water availability than many Western States, Homestead friendly State, Varied choice of locations, Low incidence of destructive weather patterns, Low population density, Freedom friendly State and Abundant natural beauty.

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The Best Way To Search For Homestead Property

Searching Websites

The proper way to search for country or homestead property begins long before ever considering contacting a Real Estate Agent! Since the most expensive purchase one makes in their lifetime is to purchase a house and land it makes good sense to research all aspects of where you want to live before actually looking at…

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Where Are The Best Homestead Areas in Canada?

Okanagan Valley

The Okanagan Valley of British Columbia; The Canadian Rockies bordering Alberta and British Columbia; The Southern portion of New Brunswick; Portions of the Maritime Island Provinces.

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Where Are The Best Homestead Areas In The American Mid-West

Minnesota scene

The best homestead areas in the American Mid-West are Minnesota's Lakes Country; Texas Pine Country; Wisconsin's Northern Lake and Forest Country; South Dakota's Black Hills.

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Where Are The Best Homestead Areas In The American East

Melton Lake in Tennessee

Tennessee's Cumberland Plateau; Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, North Carolina and north Georgia; Ozark and Ouachita Mountains of Arkansas, Missouri and a portion of Oklahoma.

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Where Are The Best Homestead Areas In The American West

Western Homestead

The best Homestead areas in the American West are Central and North Idaho; Western Montana; Portions of Western Wyoming; Selected areas in Utah.

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