If you have any hopes of EVER purchasing (or even renting) a country property or homestead, this jam packed course is one of those rare opportunities you simply cannot afford to miss ! It is simply must – have information !

What happens after you purchase...

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Right on the confirmation page you'll see clear directions on how to get immediate access to the course. You'll have access to all of the content right from day one. You will receive a link to download the complete course onto your own computer.

Start learning

In the course there are documents that are available with the 12 modules of the course as well as bonus videos and documents designed to help you completely evaluate each property in your search. All documents can be printed for your convience as needed. Some students place all the written material in a notebook to take with them when they look at properties.

Begin the steps

The course will walk you through the steps you need to take in the process of looking for and finding your perfect country property. Even if you have never looked for property before, this course will help you look for property like you are a seasoned professional.

What Information Will I Find In The Course ?

The Country Homestead Buyer’s Course contains 12 very detailed modules that will lead you step by step through the process of teaching you what to look for when purchasing land. The 12 module course contains 38 videos with more than 40 hours of viewing time plus 302 pages of lesson outlines and additional valuable materials for you to print out and use. But don’t forget, we have added lots more in the Bonuses that we included to go with the course that gives tons of useful information.

Module #1

THE FIRST STEPS: Why move to a Country Homestead including helpful and cost saving preparations before the actual move.

Module #2

GENERAL CONSIDERATION: General considerations in looking for property, differences in country property and city property, identifying specific potential problems in country property, avoiding mistakes in rural property and is using a lawyer necessary ?

Module #3

PROPERTY ESSENTIALS: Property essentials of water, land, characteristics, climate and micro-climate.

Module #4

GOVERNMENT REGULATION OF LAND: Government Regulation in the form of Building and Health Codes and Zoning Laws.

Module #5

EVALUATING AN OFF GRID HOME: Evaluating an Off Grid Home to see if the off grid electrical system is adequate for your needs.

Module #6

BOUNDARIES AND EASEMENTS: Why Land Surveys and Easements are important in purchasing country property.

Module #7

PROPERTY RIGHTS: Property Rights or understanding how and why the actions of others can impact your use and enjoyment of country and homestead property.

Module #8

EVALUATING & NEGOTIATING FOR PROPERTY: How to evaluate the price and the property being considered as well as how to negotiate a sales price for the property.

Module #9

FINANCING PROPERTY: Financing Property with Owner Financing, Insured Government Loans, Third Party Lenders such as Banks and Mortgage Companies, Options on Property, Buying Property with a Loan on it, and How the Terms of the Loan Agreement Affects total Property Price.

Module #10

METHODS OF LEGAL OWNERSHIP: Methods of Land Ownership, Asset Protection and Privacy.

Module #11

ESCROW AND CLOSING: Escrow and Closing, Title Search, Title Companies, Title Insurance, Recording the Deed and Insuring the Property, (Understanding all the legal stuff ! )

Module #12

THE PURCHASE CONTRACT: A Real Estate Purchase Contract that Protects You as the Buyer !

What Will The Course Do For You ?

You can save yourself a LOT of hard knocks (not to mention time and money) if you are armed with a little information (in this case, a lot of information). The Country Homestead Buyer’s Course is an in-depth information packed course with EVERYTHING you need.

We'll let our students share what they think of the course

Using the techniques taught in this course, I negotiated a $7,000 savings on the purchase of 6 acres of country property after the Realtor said the buyer would not come down on price!
Nathan Q.
Cloverdale, OR
I appreciate the breadth and the level detail of the material presented in this course, and now I am armed with the knowledge to deal confidently with Sellers and Real Estate Agents. This course levels the playing filed and puts the Buyer in the driver's seat.
Arlen F.
Spokane, WA

The only thing standing between you and success in finding your country property is your decision to make it happen.