What Is Country Or Homestead Property Worth?

Value of Property

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Can The Government Take My Property By Eminent Domain?

Eminent Domain

Yes if they pay you just compensation. The 5th Amendment to the US Constitution says "No person shall...be deprived of private property without due process of law, nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation."

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What Is A Land Survey And Why Do I Need One?

Surveying land

A survey can determine the boundaries of the land, let you know what features are on the land, can tell you if a neighbor is encroaching on the land and in some instances can determine easements across the land.

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What Is An Easement To Property?

Access to property

An Easement to Property is the right to use land belonging to someone else. You do not own the land over which you have an Easement. How you may use the land is controlled by the Type of Easement you have.

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The Pro's And Con's Of Owner Financing Explained

Owner Financing Explained

If you do not understand the differences in a Land Sale Contract, also known as Contract For Deed and the more conventional methods of Owner Financing you could lose the property with no recourse other than suing for some of the payments made.

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40 Important Homestead Questions With Answers You Need To Know

Homestead Questions and Answers

For years I was a presenter at Sustainable Preparedness Seminars where I gave seminars on finding and purchasing country and homestead property. At the end of these talks I would give time for the attendees to ask different questions they might have about buying country and homestead property. I've compiled a list of the 40…

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Why Tennessee Is The Best Eastern State For A Homestead

Farm in Middle Tennessee

Tennessee's tax structure and laws make it homestead friendly. Rural population density and cost of living is low. There are four seasons and plenty of time to grow a garden. Tennessee’s system of rivers and dams producing hydroelectric power gives some of the lowest electrical rates in the U.S.

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Why Idaho Is The Best Western State In Which To Homestead

Trees and horses of Idaho

The reasons include: More water availability than many Western States, Homestead friendly State, Varied choice of locations, Low incidence of destructive weather patterns, Low population density, Freedom friendly State and Abundant natural beauty.

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Can I Successfully Homestead On 2 to 3 Acres Of Land?

Can I successfully homestead on 2-3 acres?

Yes, if the land has: No restrictions prohibiting buildings, A suitable source of water, Passed a percolation test, Enough relatively level land for your needs, You have the skills to build a dwelling, Or you can have a dwelling moved onto the land.

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Can I Really Homestead On One Acre?

Homesteading an acre

Not in the traditional sense unless you live in a suburb with water and sewer services, you have public utilities to keep you warm in winter, there are no Regulations prohibiting a garden and having animals such as chickens and you have an independent source of income.

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