Can I Safely (Or Naturally) Get Rid Of Wasps And Hornets

I have been stung by Wasps and Hornets many times in my lifetime. I would wager that you also have been stung a few times too. This experience reinforces the fact that you need to know how to safely (or naturally) rid your homestead of Wasps and Hornets. Drawing from my training in Pest Control…

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How To Rid Your Home Of Cockroaches: In-Depth Facts & Control Methods


One of the things that sends shutters down the spine of most homeowners is to discover their home is infested with cockroaches. There are low cost, safe methods of ridding a home of cockroaches without having to use potentially toxic chemical sprays and bug bombs. To safely and cost effectively rid your home of cockroaches…

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Can Boric Acid Kill Insects Safely And Inexpensively?

pill bugs

Few things are more upsetting than to have an insect invasion of your home. Ants, cockroaches and other insects can carry illnesses and make a homemaker feel almost helpless. Based upon my training and experience in Pest Control Management I'd like to share how Boric Acid works for controlling insects. Can Boric acid kill insects…

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Ant Invasions (Ant Facts, Successful Eradication, Cost And Safety)

Ants are some of the most successful insects when it comes to living in our homes and not the easiest insect to get rid of. Understanding a few facts about ants makes their eradication easier for us all. To rid your home of ants safely and without it costing very much, we need to use…

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Diatomaceous Earth⎜Uses, Health Benefits, Is It Safe

If you do a web search for Diatomaceous Earth, (DE), you will turn up articles claiming a lot of varied benefits from it's use. Some claims may be valid and some claims may be stretching things a bit. Diatomaceous Earth is claimed to be good for; treating high cholesterol, promoting heart health, strengthening immune response,…

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Does Diatomaceous Earth Work As A Method Of Pest Control?


Diatomaceous Earth, (DE), kills insects primarily by disrupting the waxy layers on their body. This causes excessive water loss and death by dehydration. DE is nontoxic to mammals including humans. Does Diatomaceous Earth work as a method of pest control? Diatomaceous Earth is effective in killing most bugs and crawling insects that have a hard…

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