Grid Tie Or Off Grid Solar System - Which Is Better

solar panel array

You have located a great piece of property for your dream homestead. But one problem is there is no electrical power to it. You are considering a Grid Tie Solar or an Off Grid Solar Electrical System. What factors should be considered in making your choice? The Factors to be considered include: How far would…

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Homestead Property, Rural Property - The Differences

country homestead property

As someone who has lived on both country and homestead property I am often asked what the difference between the two types of property is. What is the difference between country and homestead property? The difference between country and homestead property involves differences in attitude, lifestyle and for many people it includes a difference in…

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Urban Homesteading⎜History, Dark Chapter, Types, Skills

Community Garden

Urban Homesteading is a movement that started over 100 years ago. It has been called Backyard Homesteading and even Hobby Farming. The different names it has been called all describe the same basic idea. Producing as much of the food eaten by the urban household as possible given the amount of yard or other space…

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Back To Basics - Garden, Barn, Outbuildings, Staying Warm

simple life

Back to basics has a special meaning for the homesteader. According to the Cambridge Dictionary, back to basics means returning to the simple and most important things. For the homesteader back to basics means returning to a knowledge of working the land. Enjoying simple pleasures like an early morning sunrise over hills and trees instead…

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Manifest Destiny, The Homesteader And Homestead Exemptions

manifect destiny

As a Homesteader who lives on a homestead today and has always loved history, I would like to share with you what Manifest Destiny was and how Homesteading was the result. What is Manifest Destiny? It was a belief held by many people in the mid-19th century in America. Basically the belief was that the…

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40 Important Homestead Questions With Answers You Need To Know

homestead questions

For years I was a presenter at Sustainable Preparedness Expos where I gave seminars on finding and purchasing country and homestead property. At the end of these talks I would give time for the attendees to ask different questions they might have about buying country and homestead property. I've compiled a list of the 40…

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Successfully Homestead On 2 To 3 Acres - What Is Needed

small acreage

Yes, if the land has: No restrictions prohibiting buildings, A suitable source of water, Passed a percolation test, Enough relatively level land for your needs, You have the skills to build a dwelling, Or you can have a dwelling moved onto the land.

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Homestead One Acre - (Can It Be Done) - An In-Depth Guide

old homestead

Not in the traditional sense unless you live in a suburb with water and sewer services, you have public utilities to keep you warm in winter, there are no Regulations prohibiting a garden and having animals such as chickens and you have an independent source of income.

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Homestead Act Of 1862 (What Was It, Is It Still Available)


It was an Act passed by Congress to settle newly acquired territories by giving 160 acres of free land to Settlers if they lived on the land 5 years and made certain improvements to the land or lived on the land 6 months and paid $1.25 per acre.

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A Modern Homestead - Definition, Lifestyle Change, Gardening

country homestead

A place where: Homesteaders grow a garden; Raise chickens or other animals; Reduce their dependence upon the commercial food supply chain; Many Homesteaders do not depend on public utilities for water and electricity.

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