Hummingbirds⎜Excellent Garden Pollinators, Great Insect Control

female hummingbird

In the garden you might catch a glimpse of iridescent feathers reflecting brilliant color as a sunbeam ricochets off a flurry of wings. This thumb-sized jewel makes the faintest hum as it pauses in the air defying gravity then suddenly plunges head first as it all but disappears into a flower. But what is it?…

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Growing Tomatoes - Tips, Tricks, Health Benefits, Fertilizer

tomatoes on table

Being the crown jewel of many gardens, you like most people probably think of tomatoes when you think of growing a vegetable garden. Here on our homestead, the one plant we definitely have to grow in our garden is the tomato. I'm so amazed at the wonder and beauty of a tomato and the many…

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Amazing Edible Flowers You Can Eat And Their Benefits

Cake with borage flowers

Growing flowers in our gardens are not only for the beauty they bring to us while also helping to pollinate our plants, they can bring a splash of color and exotic taste to the plates on our table. If you love flowers like I do you might already have several different varieties of edible flowers…

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Tips On Getting An Early Start For The Spring Garden


Here in the Pacific Northwest where we still have snow on the ground I find myself turning to thoughts of planning for our Spring garden. Having gardened for most of my life I know that planning ahead will help to have produce to harvest much sooner. What are some tips on getting an early start…

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How To Plan Your Garden For Success - Helpful Tips

Mixed plants

I've been gardening pretty much all my life and each year about this time I start thinking of what I would like to grow and where in our garden space I want to plant it all. Even though we still have lots of snow on the ground here in February, it hasn't deterred my desire…

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