DIY Easy Raised Trellis Planter For Your Garden - Free Plans


A great way to increase your garden's output of produce without increasing the garden size is to use raised trellis planters. Raised trellis planters allow plants to grow up instead of out. You will learn how to make a simple raised trellis planter in a couple of hours. This trellis planter is simple to make. …

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How To Plan Your Garden For Success - Helpful Tips

Mixed plants

I've been gardening pretty much all my life and each year about this time I start thinking of what I would like to grow and where in our garden space I want to plant it all. Even though we still have lots of snow on the ground here in February, it hasn't deterred my desire…

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How To Build A Hoop House Style Greenhouse On A Tight Budget

hoop house

For the last four years we have been extending our growing season with a hoop house style greenhouse. The hoop house we designed and constructed is simple to make, has withstood winds in excess of 75 mph and will not break the bank to build. The benefits of a hoop house style greenhouse include: ease…

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Homestead Septic System Primer (Anaerobic, Mound, Aerobic)

Homestead Septic System Primer

A homestead in an area where there is no public sewer system will need to have an approved septic system. The purpose of this septic system is to remove wastes from the home, safely convert them to effluent and return the water from the effluent to the ground water. The septic system is usually approved…

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Urban Homesteading⎜History, Dark Chapter, Types, Skills

Community Garden

Urban Homesteading is a movement that started over 100 years ago. It has been called Backyard Homesteading and even Hobby Farming. The different names it has been called all describe the same basic idea. Producing as much of the food eaten by the urban household as possible given the amount of yard or other space…

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Reservation Of Rights In A Deed (Timber, Mineral, Water Etc)

cutting down tree

There has been more than one time in history when a property owner has been awakened by the sound of drilling on his land or the noise of chain saws cutting down what he thought were his trees. Too late the property owner discovered that there was a Reservation of Rights in his deed. What…

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Property In a Flood Zone - Flood Insurance, Home Value, Risk


In searching for Country or Homestead property it is important to know if the property is in a Flood Plain. The U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency's (FEMA) definition of a Flood Plain is: any land area susceptible to being inundated by flood waters from any source. We will look at: Why it is important to…

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Back To Basics - Garden, Barn, Outbuildings, Staying Warm

simple life

Back to basics has a special meaning for the homesteader. According to the Cambridge Dictionary, back to basics means returning to the simple and most important things. For the homesteader back to basics means returning to a knowledge of working the land. Enjoying simple pleasures like an early morning sunrise over hills and trees instead…

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High Power Lines⎜Helpful Guide To Safe Home Location

high power lines

There are general guidelines that are applicable to many situations. But the only way to safely know the distance is to have the amount of electromagnetic force (EMF) measured to see if a home site is a safe distance away from high power lines.

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Manifest Destiny, The Homesteader And Homestead Exemptions

manifect destiny

As a Homesteader who lives on a homestead today and has always loved history, I would like to share with you what Manifest Destiny was and how Homesteading was the result. What is Manifest Destiny? It was a belief held by many people in the mid-19th century in America. Basically the belief was that the…

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