Test Well Water Before Buying A Homestead - A Helpful Guide

well water tested

Yes, the EPA recommends testing well water once a year for Total Coliform Bacteria, Nitrates, Total dissolved solids and pH levels.  When the health of your family is at stake, it makes good sense to test the well water before purchasing land.

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Shared Water Source (Problems, Laws, Agreements)

water from spring

No, having a shared water source creates problems such as: What Water Rights do you really have; How is water divided in a drought; Will you be able to increase the homestead water needs; What are you going to do if the water is cut off.

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Improve Water Supply In Rural Areas - Using Natural Springs

Mountain spring

Yes, you will need to measure the springs flow, know if the water is pure and be sure you have water rights to the spring. Knowing how to use it can make a big difference in improving the water problems on a homestead.

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How Can Insufficient Homestead Water Supply Be Improved?

faucet and plants

Using grey water and collecting rainwater if legal in your area are two methods that can increase the water available on your property if there is insufficient well water and no spring.

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Daily Homestead Water Needs (Determining Amounts Necessary)

Daily water needs for a homestead

As a homesteader I know that a successful homestead needs sufficient water to supply that homestead's water needs. If the property you want to homestead on does not have sufficient water your homestead will not be the successful homestead of your dreams. To know if there is sufficient water you need to answer; How  water…

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