We are Living and Loving the Homestead Life!

Country Homestead Living is based upon real life experiences of living on a small homestead.

With an educational background in Law, two different Medically related degrees plus training and a certificate in Pest Management and Control we cover a wide variety of subjects with emphasis on looking for and obtaining country property, homesteading skills, simple and safe pest management.

Looking to relocate to the country? Getting tired of the city life? Long to live a slower paced lifestyle?

Purchasing country and homestead property is not at all like purchasing city and suburban property. When you don't know what you don't know you can end up in a costly mess like many people have.

As a retired attorney, my specialty is helping you to attain your dream without it turning into a costly nightmare. I can teach you how to avoid the legal and practical pitfalls that many others have encountered when purchasing rural real estate.

The time to learn how to avoid the pitfalls and problems of purchasing country property is before you fall in love with a piece of property that later turns out to have costly problems.

I created an online "Country Homestead Buyer's Course" to teach you how to avoid those costly problems and pitfalls.

We also share different aspects of homesteading in hopes it will help others who desire to live the homestead life. Our goal is to help you with what we have learned from our experiences.


John & Linda
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