Property Essentials Videos

If you are wanting to live in the Country or on a Homestead, the things you need to look for in the property you are considering buying are much different than when buying in or near a city.

The property must have Water to be inhabited. Some property will have Surface Water. If there is not water, don't buy the property.

Climate & Weather are important, but if you are moving to mountainous or snow country you will want to know about Climates & Micro-climates and how to locate them.

Land Characteristics educates you to the characteristics needed on land after water and why they are important. Failure of any of the important land characteristics can mean headache, heartache and lots of extra money spent trying to make your Country or Homestead Property a good place on which to live.

John Brownlee, JD

Disclaimer: These videos are taken from the Country Homestead Buyer's Course.

As such they may reference other portions of the Country Homestead Buyer's Course and Downloads not available separately.