Misc. Homestead Videos

This section covers two very important areas not usually covered by Country and Homestead websites.

Home Protection From Wildfires shows proven methods of reducing or eliminating the chances of your home being destroyed in a wildfire.

If I had a dollar for every time someone told me they discovered a problem in the home they purchased after they had purchased and moved in, I'd take my wife on vacation to anywhere she wanted to go.

One of the biggest mistakes people make when moving to a different part of the country is buying property before understanding what they really need to look for in a house in that part of the country.

Those who are really smart will rent for a year before buying a home. This gives them time to see if they really like that part of the country and it educates them so when they do look to buy they make a much better decision than they would had they bought before renting.

I have yet to meet someone who rented first who felt it was a mistake to rent before buying. Most people even say they saved money by renting first because they were better equipped to make a good decision on a house after renting.

Lessons Learned From One Rental House is a real eye opener. I know. I lived in that rental house and experienced all these lessons first hand.

John Brownlee, JD

Disclaimer: These videos are taken from the Country Homestead Buyer's Course.

As such they may reference other portions of the Country Homestead Buyer's Course and Downloads not available separately.