Evaluating And Negotiating For Property Videos

This is where the rubber meets the road so to speak. Buying Country or Homestead Property is very different from buying City or Suburban Property.

You need to know how to evaluate the house and any outbuildings. Sometimes the presence of outbuildings actually reduces the price of property.

Once the home and outbuildings are evaluated, it is time to see if the price is reasonable.

The next step is in knowing how to Negotiate with the Seller. This video alone, saved one Purchaser of Country Property $7,000.00!

I can't guarantee you will save $7,000.00 but you will save some real money if you know how to play the Negotiating Game!

John Brownlee, JD

Disclaimer: These videos are taken from the Country Homestead Buyer's Course.

As such they may reference other portions of the Country Homestead Buyer's Course and Downloads not available separately.