Boundaries And Easements Videos

For some mysterious reason most Realtors and Purchasers of Country and Homestead Property seem to ignore the important subjects of surveying property and easements.

There is no way to know what you are buying if you do not have a current, less than 10 years old, survey of the property and at least having the corners of the property marked. The only way to know exactly what is and is not on the property is to have all boundary lines flagged.

Likewise there seems to be this attitude that it really doesn't matter if the road to the property crosses over someone else's private property. As long as the road has been used in the past, it must be OK to use it now!

It is that type of attitude that keeps rural Attorneys in business filing law suits. If the road to your property crosses over someone else's private property and you do not have a Legal Easement allowing you to access your land don't be surprised to come home some day and find a locked gate and a No Trespassing sign blocking you from getting home.

These 2 Videos will help you get a complete understanding of the importance of surveys and easements.

John Brownlee, JD

Disclaimer: These videos are taken from the Country Homestead Buyer's Course.

As such they may reference other portions of the Country Homestead Buyer's Course and Downloads not available separately.