Homestead Act Of 1862 (What Was It, Is It Still Available)


It was an Act passed by Congress to settle newly acquired territories by giving 160 acres of free land to Settlers if they lived on the land 5 years and made certain improvements to the land or lived on the land 6 months and paid $1.25 per acre.

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Best Way To Search For Homestead Property⎜Informative Guide

search websites

The proper way to search for country or homestead property begins long before ever considering contacting a Real Estate Agent! Since the most expensive purchase one makes in their lifetime is to purchase a house and land it makes good sense to research all aspects of where you want to live before actually looking at…

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Where Are The Best Homestead Areas in Canada?

Okanagan Valley

The Okanagan Valley of British Columbia; The Canadian Rockies bordering Alberta and British Columbia; The Southern portion of New Brunswick; Portions of the Maritime Island Provinces.

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Where Are The Best Homestead Areas In The American Mid-West


The best homestead areas in the American Mid-West are Minnesota's Lakes Country; Texas Pine Country; Wisconsin's Northern Lake and Forest Country; South Dakota's Black Hills.

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Where Are The Best Homestead Areas In The American East

melton lake tennessee

Tennessee's Cumberland Plateau; Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, North Carolina and north Georgia; Ozark and Ouachita Mountains of Arkansas, Missouri and a portion of Oklahoma.

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Where Are The Best Homestead Areas In The American West

western homestead places

The best Homestead areas in the American West are Central and North Idaho; Western Montana; Portions of Western Wyoming; Selected areas in Utah.

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Homestead - Critical Aspects And Important Considerations

critical aspects for a homestead

There are several critical aspects to consider when looking for the ideal Homestead location.The ideal Homestead location should be a safe place to live and have those critical aspects that are necessary for a functioning Homestead.  Finding the ideal Homestead involves an understanding of a variety of critical aspects. These critical aspects include: Short-term and…

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Radon Gas (Health Hazard, Test, Water, Air, Reduce In Home)

Radon Gas-testing air and water

Yes, since Radon Gas is a silent and deadly danger to everyone exposed to it and is undetectable to the five human senses. Every State has areas of elevated Radon Levels and one out of five homes can have elevated levels so testing for Radon Gas is important.

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Test Well Water Before Buying A Homestead - A Helpful Guide

well water tested

Yes, the EPA recommends testing well water once a year for Total Coliform Bacteria, Nitrates, Total dissolved solids and pH levels.  When the health of your family is at stake, it makes good sense to test the well water before purchasing land.

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Purchase Land Without A Lot Of Money⎜Owner Financing Guide

buying land

Yes, you need to be willing to spend time looking on your own, you need to understand owner financing and you need to know what to avoid and what type of owner financing is safe to accept. The process is different than the usual way of looking for and purchasing land.

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