Hummingbirds⎜Excellent Garden Pollinators, Great Insect Control

female hummingbird

In the garden you might catch a glimpse of iridescent feathers reflecting brilliant color as a sunbeam ricochets off a flurry of wings. This thumb-sized jewel makes the faintest hum as it pauses in the air defying gravity then suddenly plunges head first as it all but disappears into a flower. But what is it?…

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Firewood⎜Types, Uses, Seasoning, Storing, Cords, Facts

stored firewood wood

Firewood is a renewable heating energy resource. Carefully managed, a five acre wood lot can give firewood for a 1500 square foot house for a lifetime. Many homesteaders use wood heat as the primary source of heat in their home. Having heated or supplemented heat with firewood myself for well over 20 years, this is…

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Wood Burning Stove Chimneys, An Informative Buyer's Guide

braced chimney

A wood burning stove needs a chimney to allow the smoke and gasses to go up and exit the house in a safe and approved manner. Most wood burning stoves use what is called black chimney pipe from the stove to the inside ceiling or wall of the house. From there, special double or triple…

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Wood Stoves - Valuable Buyer’s Guide (Choose The Right Size)

wood burning stove

For nearly 20 years I have lived in homes that had wood stoves for heat or supplemental heat. In some of the homes the stoves heated just fine. In other homes there were rooms the heat did not reach. In one case the wood stove would not hold a fire all night long. There are…

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Growing Tomatoes - Tips, Tricks, Health Benefits, Fertilizer

tomatoes on table

Being the crown jewel of many gardens, you like most people probably think of tomatoes when you think of growing a vegetable garden. Here on our homestead, the one plant we definitely have to grow in our garden is the tomato. I'm so amazed at the wonder and beauty of a tomato and the many…

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Grid Tie Or Off Grid Solar System - Which Is Better

solar panel array

You have located a great piece of property for your dream homestead. But one problem is there is no electrical power to it. You are considering a Grid Tie Solar or an Off Grid Solar Electrical System. What factors should be considered in making your choice? The Factors to be considered include: How far would…

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Amazing Edible Flowers You Can Eat And Their Benefits

Cake with borage flowers

Growing flowers in our gardens are not only for the beauty they bring to us while also helping to pollinate our plants, they can bring a splash of color and exotic taste to the plates on our table. If you love flowers like I do you might already have several different varieties of edible flowers…

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Homestead Property, Rural Property - The Differences

country homestead property

As someone who has lived on both country and homestead property I am often asked what the difference between the two types of property is. What is the difference between country and homestead property? The difference between country and homestead property involves differences in attitude, lifestyle and for many people it includes a difference in…

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Productive Garden From Rocky Soil - The ABCs Of Success

Large Raised Bed

The ideal spot for a garden on our homestead happened to be where a previous owner had graded the lot before building a metal shop. The grading had removed the top soil and left hard rocky soil that grew a mixture of weeds and some low growing grass. There are several problems with rocky soil:…

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Tips On Getting An Early Start For The Spring Garden


Here in the Pacific Northwest where we still have snow on the ground I find myself turning to thoughts of planning for our Spring garden. Having gardened for most of my life I know that planning ahead will help to have produce to harvest much sooner. What are some tips on getting an early start…

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