How We Work From Home...

You must be here because you are interested in working from home as I was a few years ago. I’d like to share with you what I learned that has made a positive change in our lives.

My wife and I had moved to the country on a small homestead but because I had a profession that required over 40 hours of time spent each week working away from home I soon realized I wanted a better way. I didn’t like being away from home so much of the time.

So, the time came when I was ready to transition from being a licensed professional and the time commitment it required to something that would not interfere with the country homestead lifestyle that I wanted to live.

I wanted a way to be free to live the country homestead lifestyle and still be able to have a full time income. I wanted to know that I could make a full time income without spending 40 or more hours a week generating that income away from home.

After a lot of research I settled on the idea of having an income producing website. We started off with the idea of an active income website. This is a website where you have webinars or online classes that lead into an advertisement for products or courses sold. We soon learned that there can be limitations to an active website. For example, the success of an active website is based upon your email list.

An email list can grow slowly unless you can do an affiliate arrangement with several other websites that have a large email list. The usual way of acquiring names for your email list is to have the other website advertise your webinars to its email list.

The income from the product, membership or course offered in the webinar is usually split 50/50 with the other website. Those people who registered for the webinar from the other website’s email list now become a part of your email list. You paid for those email addresses by giving the owner of the other website a 50/50 split of the income earned from the webinar.

An active income website requires specific time requirements. These specific times can interfere with the best time to plant, harvest or care for other homestead activities. The active income website only partially achieved our goals of being able to homestead and have a work from home income.

After further research we found the answer we were looking for. We switched from an active income website to a passive income website. A passive income website can be built and maintained around the country homestead activities. Yet it gives the same potential of a full time income as did the active income website.

We learned that a passive income website does not control your time the way an active income website does. What I mean is, you still have regular times to devote to the passive income website but these times can be arranged around the homestead activities.

We were excited to find out that there was a way to have a good home based income and yet live our dream of having a country homestead. If your dream is to live the country homestead lifestyle and not be limited by an out-of-the-home job, you owe it to yourself to take a look at the program we found.

John Brownlee, JD