40 Important Homestead Questions With Answers You Need To Know

Homestead Questions and Answers

For years I was a presenter at Sustainable Preparedness Seminars where I gave seminars on finding and purchasing country and homestead property. At the end of these talks I would give time for the attendees to ask different questions they might have about buying country and homestead property. I've compiled a list of the 40…

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The Best Way To Search For Homestead Property

Searching Websites

The proper way to search for country or homestead property begins long before ever considering contacting a Real Estate Agent! Since the most expensive purchase one makes in their lifetime is to purchase a house and land it makes good sense to research all aspects of where you want to live before actually looking at…

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Is Testing Air And Water for Radon Gas Important?

Testing Air and Water for Radon Gas

Yes, since Radon Gas is a silent and deadly danger to everyone exposed to it and is undetectable to the five human senses. Every State has areas of elevated Radon Levels and one out of five homes can have elevated levels so testing for Radon Gas is important.

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Why Is Renting Before Buying Country Property Important?

Renting before purchasing land

It avoids problems when moving to a new part of the Country. These problems include: Paying too much for land; Discovering you bought the wrong property; Learning you do not like that area; It can even save money in the long run.

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How Do I Evaluate A Homestead In A Cold Climate?

House and snow

You must know if the house's insulation is adequate, if the house's heating system is adequate, the direction the house faces, the location of outbuildings in relation to the house and what type of micro-climate the property is located in.

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7 Steps Toward Achieving Your Country or Homestead Dreams

A woman dreaming

When we moved from the city to the country we followed 7 steps that made our transition to homestead life successful. If you follow these same 7 steps your move to the country will be much easier and much more successful.

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What are the 5 Key Factors in Choosing Homestead Property?

Location for a homestead

Adequate Water of good quality; Right type of soil; Presence of sufficient trees; Legal access to the property; and Appropriate Homestead location. If any of these 5 key factors are missing it will be much harder to have a successful homestead.

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How Do I Start Searching for Country or Homestead Property?

Searching from home

The best way is to utilize the internet from the comfort of your home, determine where you want to look for land and learn property values where you want to look for land.

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Can Using A Spring Help Solve Water Problems On A Homestead?

Stream of water

Yes, you will need to measure the springs flow, know if the water is pure and be sure you have water rights to the spring. Knowing how to use it can make a big difference in improving the water problems on a homestead.

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What If The Water On The Land Is Not Enough For Your Needs?

Water source not enough

Using grey water and collecting rainwater if legal in your area are two methods that can increase the water available on your property if there is insufficient well water and no spring.

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